Knitting as Art: A Garden

January 2004. Using only knitting needles and the occasional crochet hook, Tatyana Yanishevsky began to grow her own garden out of yarn. Human sized and touchable, every flower confronts you with it’s unique set of alien features.

Each knit sculpture uses a variety of fibers, colors, and stitches to describe each organ of a real plant. Many include other materials which support or oppose the yarn form to enrich and deepen the flower’s character.

One of the exhibits:
Brown University List Art Center
Providence, Rhode Island
February 2005

The Knit Garden: a Collection of Anatomically Correct Plants.
Using live plants, botanical drawing and plant textbooks as information, these knit objects depict real and recognizable floral forms. The process of knitting, stitch by stitch, mimics the growth of an actual plant, cell by cell.

To see more of Tanya’s amazing work, go to the link below:

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