Knitting Tips: My favorite felting yarn

I’ve been felting for a long time and have used lots of different yarns and fleeces, with varying degrees of success. My cats have several handmade beds as an unintended result! The one yarn I’ve found that shrinks the same percentage (about 25%) time after time, regardless of dye, is Patons Classic Wool Merino. I’ve made a couple of dozen purses and mittens with this lovely stuff, and have never had a problem. It comes in lovely colors, solids, marls, prints, heathers, and tweeds, and is reasonably priced, about $3.50 for 220 yards on sale. Or, you can use one of those 40% coupons the big craft stores print in the newspaper. (No, I don’t own stock in the company! ; -) I just love this yarn. ) Highly recommended.

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