Sweaters for Penguins in Need – Awwwww!

The Hampstead office of Hilary Blume, founder and director of the Charities Advisory Trust, has for the past few months been quietly overrun with one of the world’s largest collection of hand-knitted penguin jumpers. Intended for the 15-inch-high Australian fairy penguin, the jumpers – picture oversized fingerless gloves – prevent the birds from pecking at, and then swallowing, the toxic oil that can coat their bodies after oil spills.

But because oil tankers have recently acquired the ability to function without disaster, the almost 800 jumpers continue to pile up with nowhere to go. And with the trust’s new Christmas Good Gifts Catalogue just released, Blume fears even more jumpers will arrive. “I don’t want to say I must be the only person praying for an oil spill,” she says, “but . . .”

Knitters have good hearts. But you already knew that!

full story: http://www.newstatesman.com/200709130020


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