Ancient spindle whorls

Collection of bronze age stone whorls unearthed at Egnazia, an excavated Greco-Roman city and necropolis in Southern Italy. The largest one is evidently a weight of some type.


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4 Responses to Ancient spindle whorls

  1. Ceci says:

    Wow, cool! Did you see the exhibit yourself and take that picture? or is there an online exhibit or article somewhere?

  2. katknit says:

    Yes, Ceci, we were there last year. It was incredible. If you click on the blue “Egnazia” at the bottom of the post, it will take you to the site.

  3. anna says:

    oooh, now this is nice. as a librarian, i always love historic stuff! ^_^

  4. me says:

    Next time could you stand a little farther away when you take the shot, and maybe use a little less focus? You could crouch down a little more to, thus getting more of an angled shot. Also, maybe you could resize the image so that there’s a little less resolution.

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